Air duct and vent cleaning service.

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Location: Minneapolis

Price: $259

HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning

We offers comprehensive cleaning for the HVAC system and air ducts in your home or office. If you or someone you know suffers from indoor allergies or asthma, air duct cleaning may offer some relief as it removes dust, mold and other allergens from the air circulation system.

We have the experienced staff, matched with the right air duct cleaning tools that remove every speck of dust from inside an air duct. We clean the supply and return lines separately, with our powerful vacuum securely attached to the trunk line to capture the debris without releasing it into the air. When we are done, your house is just as clean as when we started the job, with all vents, and registers dust-free and in place.

We clean the HVAC system at the same time, removing dust and dirt that can impact the efficiency of the heating and cooling units, paying special attention to the air conditioning coils, the heat exchanger and the blower.

We're offering all of these services in an affordable price.

Unlimited Duct Cleaning

Unlimited Vent Cleaning

Sanitizer Spray

JPannel Line

Cleaning of Main & Return Line

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Cleaner ducts for a healthier life :)